What do you do that makes you feel invincible?

27 Questions to Ignite your Spark

Question 2:

What do you do that makes you feel invincible?

We are exposed to many different situations on the course of our lives, and in many of them we face fear, insecurity, anxiety, challenge. My observation and experience makes me think that we focus more on these situations than on the situations that make us feel good. But there are also lots of things in life that make us feel confident, secure, calm, happy. Why don’t we focus more on them?

I think we take for granted our skills and abilities. We are always thinking and saying “I can’t do this” or “I’m not good at that” instead of “I prefer doing this” and “I was really good at this.” So this is the question for today: What do you do that makes you feel invincible?

My answer is something that might be considered very nerd, but it is something that always makes me feel good: organizing. Whenever I’m in a down mood, feeling like a failure, confuse and full of questions, if I take some time to organize something – really, anything! My closet, the kitchen, my desk, anything. – I feel invincible. No matter how bad my day is going or how terrible I am in getting something done, I know I am always able to organize anything and make it practical.

My mom was a very smart woman, who decided to go back to university and work when she had two kids at home. During our childhood, she came up with different sorts of games: organizing the house for your friend’s visit, who could make the bed in less time, who would beat the record of doing dishes that week… These games were great for us, helped her to keep her sanity and the house clean, but most of all, gave me the 101 of organization.

 My mom also had another habit. Once in a while, she would decide to move everything in the house to a different place. We tried every single setting possible for the living room furniture, and the kitchen, and the bedrooms… Whenever we were done, we would feel a lot better about the house. It looked cleaner, more practical, more organized and we felt like we accomplished something.

Growing up, I develop that habit as well. There were many times that I was sitting on my bedroom trying to find an answer for a problem or resolve a math exercise, study for that important test, etc and I reach that breaking point when nothing that you do seems to be productive. I need to recollect myself. I need to regain focus. So what do I do? I organize.

So this might be a very silly and little thing, but this is what makes me feel invincible. Organizing is something I can always do when I need to feel accomplished, secure, confident. Once you find something that gives you this confidence, you always have a way of rebuilding your self esteem and charging the batteries before going ahead.

What about you? What do you do that makes you feel invincible?


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