Every single person you meet in your life has a story. Everyone has their own tale of good’s and bad’s, of challenges and dreams. How often do we stop to hear what they have to say? What they have been through? What they  have to teach?

We spend so much time reading biographies or studying people that made a difference in the world, or accomplished something, or went through some intense life experience, but we don’t spend time getting to know the stories of the people around us. The every day people. They are as important as all those people we read books about.

I, sometimes, think and feel like my life and my input are so little, so insignificant. But sometimes I also think that maybe there are others like me who are thinking and feeling the same way. Maybe we should all get together, conquer our fears and put ourselves out there so we all know we are not alone.

We all have something to say, we all have something to share. And this is me, sharing.

This is a place for life stories, for outpouring. A place where we can share inspiration, doubts, fears, dreams


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