Live Your Legend

A year ago I came across a TED Talk with Scott Dinsmore. It was the first time I heard about Live Your Legend, and I immediately became fascinated with the movement and the idea.

The idea of following your dreams and doing what you love is not something new. I heard many people talking about it before, but it was always so vague and so close to Utopia. But Live Your Legend is not about dreaming about a better job, or complaining about where you are in life. Live Your Legend is about finding your passion, finding a purpose and working towards it.

Unfortunately, on the same day I learned about Scott’s death, and this upset me deeply. But Scott’s legacy wasn’t done when he left us, his voice continues to be heard and the many people that came together because of Live Your Legend continue to support each other and continue his amazing work! In fact, I was only able to put this blog in action due to the support of other Legends.

Part of the Live Your Legend Passionate Work Toolkit (which you receive for free when you sign up on the website) is a piece named “27 Questions to Ignite Your Spark” This is the guidance on this questionnaire:

You are the only one who can find your passion – It’s inside you and just has to be uncovered. Use the below to explore what lights you on fire. Don’t rush through these. Go somewhere quiet, with no internet and dedicate at least 2-3 hours to developing your answers. Some may apply more than others. That’s fine. Allow your mind to run wild. These questions will only be useful if you allow them to. It’s time to start living with passion!

This toolkit inspired me to change my life, to stop being miserable and accepting a miserable routine and start focusing on what I loved.

Since this 27 question made such a big impact in my life, I thought it would be fair to start this blog challenge by sharing my insights and thoughts to each of them.

If you haven’t heard of Live Your Legend yet, I totally recommend it! The inspiration will change your perspective in life forever.